Arkki, the awarded Finnish architecture education concept for children and youth, enters China

Press release

Shenzhen, China. 14th March 2019. Arkki International Ltd. will start operating in Shenzhen, China in March. The entry to the country will be in collaboration with Vanghang Sailing company linked to Meisha Outdoor Campus. The prestigious Meisha education, part of Vanke group, has a successful history of developing and offering education
to children of various ages.

Arkki’s long-term after-school program for ages 4 to 18 includes more than 30 modules and 300 projects (1500 hours) Arkki provides creative education using architecture and design projects as holistic real-world phenomena integrating different subjects. Architecture in itself is interdisciplinary and hence a perfect way to learn STEAM subjects and beyond through architecture and design projects. The phenomenon-based education empowers children and youth with innovation skills, holistically intertwining the cognitive, behavioral, functional and technical aspects through experiential project work.

“We are very happy to start working with Arkki, one of the pioneer organizations in Finnish creative education! We look forward to implement this unique pedagogical approach to empower children with innovation skills needed for the future, such as design thinking, complex problem solving and creativity. These skills are essential for the academic, professional and personal development of every child no matter what their future profession will be” says Vincent Wang CEO of Vanghang Sailing company and Executive Partner of Meisha Education.

Shenzhen is the first step in Arkki’s introduction in China. During the coming years Arkki International plans to expand and ad more educational content, covering the entire Arkki concept and courses for ages 4 to 18 years.

“We are overwhelmed to enter China with such amazing and committed partners. Our aim is to provide children with knowledge and skills that will help them become innovative, active and responsible citizens. We empower the pupils with innovation skills and a mindset that enable them to make a positive influence in their future societies and the built environment” says Pihla Meskanen CEO of Arkki “We have been providing creative education for 25 years and during this time, more than 100000 children have participated in our programs. We are thrilled to start the education program in Shenzhen and other cities in China and looking forward to unveil and nurture the amazing creative potential of the local children.”


The inauguration of Arkki China will take place the 16th of March at 9:00 and will have the presence of Ms. Hannakaisa Andersson Second Secretary of the Embassy of Finland in Beijing, Arkki’s CEO Pihla Meskanen and Vincent Wang CEO of Vanghang Sailing company and Executive Partner of Meisha Education

For more information please contact
Elena Pinero Martinez| Head of Marketing and Communications of Arkki International Ltd. / +358456460300 / Kalevankatu 31 a 14, 00100 Helsinki

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Arkki International Ltd.
The Arkki School of Architecture for Children and Youth is the leading institution in architectural education for children and youth in the world, founded in Finland in 1993. Over the course of 25 years, Arkki has developed and tested different methods for teaching creative thinking through architecture to children. Arkki’s pedagogical concept inspires children to learn through inquiry learning processes and hands-on experimentation. Arkki program intertwines knowledge, skills and values into competencies through action-based learning made fun and rewarding. The projects are designed so that the pupils learn through success, positive feedback and cooperative learning. Arkki’s pedagogical motto is Play—Create—Succeed!

The objective is to support children and youth to become innovative influencers of the future – whatever their chosen vocation may be. A person with creative literacy—a basic understanding of the mental, emotional, and sociological tools used for creative thinking and communication—is able to find purpose and apply meaning to their world, rather than having meaning handed down and purpose assigned to them.

In Finland, Arkki belongs to the network of art education institutes that have been certified by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture to offer school children extracurricular visual art education. Arkki International Ltd. is the company licensing the Arkki education concept globally. So far Arkki Schools are located in 15 cities in 5 countries. Arkki is an official member of a national education export program Education Finland program, offering Finnish educational know-how and learning solutions globally.

Pihla Meskanen
Pihla Meskanen is the CEO and Founder of Arkki Finland and Arkki International. She has been leading Arkki for 25 years, and developing the unique Arkki concept. Ms. Meskanen believes that phenomenal education through architecture and design is a powerful way to enhance creativity. Meskanen has written several books about creative education and taken part in writing the prestigious Finnish National Curriculum for Visual Arts and Architecture under the National Board of Education. Meskanen is a founding member and Chief of the Board of PLAYCE, an international association of architecture education.

She has taught in several universities, published articles, and is a frequent speaker in conferences around the world related to architecture education. She has, in addition, practiced architecture in her own office Architects Meskanen & Pursiainen from 1996 to 2008.

Her work in the field of creative education has been awarded multiple times in Finland with the Asko-Avonius Prize in 2018, the Building Information Foundation’s Pietilä Prize in 2004, the State Children’s Culture Award in 2005, and she was chosen the Art Educator of the Year in 2013. In 2018 the President of Finland conferred her the honor of he Knight First Class of the Order of the Lion of Finland, awarded in recognition of her outstanding civilian conduct.

Meisha Education
The prestigious Meisha Education group has a successful history of developing and offering education to children of various ages. Meisha has already established and developed a variety of educational institutions in mainland China including hundreds of community learning centers, kindergartens, primary and junior/high schools as well as international schools.

Meisha Outdoor is a future-oriented, a new education platform sponsored by Vanke. Meisha is dedicated to introducing the best education programs around the world to China for children aged 3-18. As of February 2018, there is Meisha outdoor Campus’ in Sanya, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and Jilin. programs including Water Sports, Outdoor activities, Creative & STEAM programs. Nearly 100,000 students have participated in Meisha outdoor courses, including winter camps, summer camps and weekend camps.