Long-Term Courses


Come and join Arkki’s exciting long-term courses!

Designed to nurture creativity, higher order thinking skills, resilience and other essential 21st century skills through architecture and design projects, Arkki’s weekly courses are also crafted to integrate the learning and application of S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics), Humanities and Social Science subjects.

The award-winning Arkki program is the only one in Singapore that offers an extensive, long-term curriculum based on architecture and design. In Singapore, our program targets children and youth ages 7-19.
The hands-on, project-based curriculum are carefully designed to equip the children and youth with lifelong skills including creativity, complex problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and resilience.
The entire Arkki curriculum includes 30 back-to-back modules with 300 progressive projects, enabling children and youth to create and develop their creativity over a total of 1,500 hours. Each project is a unique, intriguing and playful experiment in which the students apply design thinking and integrate S.T.E.A.M and other subject knowledge to complete. Working with diverse tools and materials, they build up their “creativity vocabulary” and “maker mindset”.
Design, create and innovate through hands-on architecture and design activities!

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The Explorers
The Explorers introduces the foundational elements of architecture and the process of creative and critical thinking.
Through ideating, planning and finally translating their ideas into 3D models and designs, the pupils will jumpstart their imagination and prove their assumptions by experimenting and testing their ideas — no matter how unusual they may sound.
The pupils will acquire better sensing of their surroundings from colors, shapes to structures and space from projects including the tower construction, temple façade design, shadow puppet show and many more! Critical thinking skills develop here as the pupils review alternative theories and find different perspectives to problems. The pupils are guided to observe the surroundings and use different senses.
At the end of the course, students will bring their models home after each project and add to their collection!

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The Experimenters

The Experimenters (for 9-12 years old) offers a rich set of exciting and challenging architecture projects that examine design and technology from different viewpoints. The holistic activities encourage the practice of higher order thinking skills (HOT) and study subjects such as math, history, geography and biology. The concept of sustainable development will be introduced in these modules.

The pupils will dive into the world of architecture and design through studying objects, materials as well as larger entities. From creating a marble track tower to optical illusions and nature-inspired designs, the students will learn various techniques of design, creative thinking and building with different model materials and tools.
At the end of the course, students will bring their models home after each project and add to their collection!