Arkki - The Explorers - Weekly Architecture and Design Course for Children

The Explorers – Weekly Architecture and Design Course for Children 7 to 9 years old

Nurturing creativity, higher order thinking, resilience and other essential 21st century skills through architecture and design activities.

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The Explorers – Weekly Architecture and Design Course for Children 7-9 Years Old

The Explorers programme (Module 1A.1) is a starter course for 7-9 year old children that introduces the foundational elements of architecture and the process of creative and critical thinking.

Through ideating, planning and finally translating their ideas into 3D models and designs – the pupils will jumpstart their imagination and prove their assumptions by experimenting and testing their ideas, no matter how unusual they may sound.

The pupils will acquire better sensing of their surroundings from colors, shapes to structures and space. Critical thinking skills develop here as the pupils review alternative theories and find different perspectives to problems. The pupils are guided to observe the surroundings and use different senses.

The Explorers is also designed for pupils to gain a stronger grasp of STEAM, Humanities and Social Sciences subjects through a series of super fun and educational projects that connect with real life challenges (e.g. how to build the strongest tower, draw inspiration from history and design a temple façade, designing a natural shelter for animal..). It intertwines different subjects through projects and teaches artistic methods through hands-on activities. This course enhances collaboration, communication and presentation skills leading to the building of positive self-image and confidence.

Exciting projects await! Students will bring their models home after each project.

Course Details:

Date : Every Sunday, starting 18 September 2022. Please go to the link to register your interest and indicate your preferred timing.

Length of Course : 8 weeks

Age : 7 – 9 years old

Location : The Cocoon Space @ Design Orchard / 250 Orchard Rd, #02-01, Singapore 238905

Price :: $520 nett for 8 weekly classes

The Explorers

The Explorers – Weekly Architecture and Design Course for Children 7-9 Years Old

About Arkki

Arkki is an award-winning, Finland-based school of architecture and creative education for children and youth aged between 7 – 19. Arkki’s program uses architecture and design as a medium to advance the development of high order thinking skills, creativity and learning of academic subjects.

In Singapore, it is the first of its kind to offer an extensive long term curriculum for progressive learning. Our coaches are professionals with architecture or design backgrounds They are trained and certified by Arkki International.

Arkki’s program is now global and available in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Arkki programs are developed in Arkki Finland since 1993.  Arkki Curriculum was approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2008. It follows the national curriculum called “National Core Curriculum for the Advanced Syllabus for basic Education in Architecture”.

Our Mission

Arkki’s Mission is to empower children and youth with the most essential skills for becoming innovative influencers of the future. Education will no longer be about WHAT you know at a certain moment, it will be about HOW you can learn and adapt. It is no longer enough to learn facts, but we need to learn what to do with the facts. How to combine complex information, and how to use it creatively to solve the complex problems of our society.