Style Masters I - Home & Interior Design
Welcome to the fascinating and colorful world of interior design and artistic expression! ✨
Set your imagination free and create a home masterpiece that reflects your personality, vision and style!

Style Masters I — Home & Interior Design

In Arkki's Style Masters I - Home & Interior Design workshop, you’ll learn the various artistic methods through hands-on activities. You’ll be introduced to the process of ideating, planning and designing your iconic home. Then get ready to dive into the space of your home and we’ll guide you to develop the interior layout. We’ll explore space, atmosphere and aesthetics, and you’ll have fun experimenting with the effects of light, color, form, surfaces, texture, materials and patterns on a space to ultimately design your dream place with unique character. Next, be absolutely creative as you reimagine furniture design and we’ll guide you through the prototyping process.

Witness knowledge in action! Our award winning creative programme infuses the application of STEAM subjects [Science, Technology, Engineering, Architecture/Art, Mathematics], Humanities and Social Sciences with situation-based projects and support the development of innovation skills and competencies. You will enjoy the experiential learning, problem-solving process, collaboration and working through the creative process of building and environment design. Ultimately, they will be able to:
  • get creative,
  • unlock their critical thinking skills
  • take thoughtful risks,
  • have fun and
  • bring their models home!

Style Masters I

Home & Interior Design Workshop

(for 6 - 12 years old)


15 - 17 June 2022
(Wednesday - Friday)


9:00 am to 3:00 pm


195 Pearl's Hill Terrace
#01-15, Singapore 168976


6 - 12 years old
(Participants will be grouped by age)

Course Fee:

S$450.00 nett for three (3) days
Price includes lunch and workshop materials