Learning HOW to learn the Finnish way in Bangkok. Arkki Thailand’s first anniversary

Last summer Arkki Thailand started operations from its school, located in the very heart of Bangkok.

This year was marked by the COVID crisis. Thai kids have enjoyed Arkki classes while developing their innovation skills and improving their growth mindset.

“10 years from now, my daughters will only be 16 years old. Then half of today’s jobs will have been eliminated or transformed by AI. Yet, our existing education and teaching pedagogies have not changed much. That’s where I see Arkki can bring value into future skills education. the befnitierias will be not t only my daughters, but all Thai children” Dr.Pichawadee Kittipanya-ngam Arkki Thailand co-founder.

Arkki Thailand offers a long term program on creative education for 4-10-year-old children. They integrate STEAM subjects and enhance essential skills via architecture and design as real-life phenomena.

To commemorate the first anniversary and the reopening of the center after the lockdown, will have a talk for parents open for anyone. Date: Saturday, August 29th at 10.00-10.30 pm & 13.30-14.00 pm at the Arkki center. Those kids enrolling in the long term program will have access to an exclusive Arkki Toolbox.

Throughout its first year, Arkki programs have received positive feedback from parents, who are excited about the quality and innovativeness of Arkki Curriculum and teaching.


“I think this is what we need for our children besides the regular curriculum. The way to encourage the children to think and be creative, imagine, and innovate. I will definitely bring my children back to Arkki again!” Cindy Sirinya Bishop, host, model, actress, Women rights activist, and mom of two Arkki pupils.

Enhancing creative thinking during the lockdown

During the COVID crisis, Arkki Thailand launched Arkki@online to provide creative education to children during the lockdown. The good response and positive feedback from parents and children encouraged the team in Thailand to continue the live classes via ZOOM this term.

At this moment Arkki Thailand is offering online courses on design fundamentals (4-5 YO) and (6-7 YO) and 3D product design (8-12 YO)

Social innovation in Thailand: Arkki Urban design campus

The team has also participated in social innovation initiatives of different nature. One of the most interesting was the children’s participatory planning project with the Thai Parliament.

Students at Yothin Burana participated in Arkki Urban Design Camp. The project involved redesigning Bang Pho Pier, which was sunk and needed renovation. Several stakeholders in the community gave different requirements to the students. proposed 3 designs to the Members of Parliament to take into consideration for renovation. Their voices are heard by the authorities.

“Personally I think that our world is changing faster than ever. We would like to see how creative education would help the Thai pupils skill development. Allow them to actively contribute to the country development, particularly from the policymaker point of view” Said Thanikan Pornpongsaroj, member of the Parliament. Dusit- Bamgsue District, Thailand. Arkki implementation into Thai school curriculum during Arkki Urban Design Campus, 2020.


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