Arkki, the awarded Finnish architecture education concept for children and youth, enters China

March 13, 2019

Arkki International will start operating in Shenzhen, China in March 2019. The entry to the country will be in collaboration with Vanghang Sailing company linked to Meisha Outdoor Campus. The prestigious Meisha education, part of Vanke group, has a successful history of developing and offering education to children of various ages.

Arkki’s long-term after-school program for ages 4 to 18 includes more than 30 modules and 300 projects (1500 hours) Arkki provides creative education using architecture and design projects as holistic real-world phenomena integrating different subjects. Architecture in itself is interdisciplinary and hence a perfect way to learn STEAM subjects and beyond through architecture and design projects. The phenomenon-based education empowers children and youth with innovation skills, holistically intertwining the cognitive, behavioral, functional and technical aspects through experiential project work.
Arkki China

“We are very happy to start working with Arkki, one of the pioneer organizations in Finnish creative education! We look forward to implement this unique pedagogical approach to empower children with innovation skills needed for the future, such as design thinking, complex problem solving and creativity. These skills are essential for the academic, professional and personal development of every child no matter what their future profession will be.”

Vincent Wang, CEO of Vanghang Sailing company and Executive Partner of Meisha Education
Shenzhen is the first step in Arkki’s introduction in China. During the coming years Arkki International plans to expand and ad more educational content, covering the entire Arkki concept and courses for ages 4 to 18 years.

“We are overwhelmed to enter China with such amazing and committed partners. Our aim is to provide children with knowledge and skills that will help them become innovative, active and responsible citizens. We empower the pupils with innovation skills and a mindset that enable them to make a positive influence in their future societies and the built environment.”

“We have been providing creative education for 25 years and during this time, more than 100000 children have participated in our programs. We are thrilled to start the education program in Shenzhen and other cities in China and looking forward to unveil and nurture the amazing creative potential of the local children.”

Pihla Meskanen, CEO of Arkki
The inauguration of Arkki China will take place the 16th of March at 9:00 and will have the presence of Ms. Hannakaisa Andersson Second Secretary of the Embassy of Finland in Beijing, Arkki’s CEO Pihla Meskanen and Vincent Wang CEO of Vanghang Sailing company and Executive Partner of Meisha Education
*UPDATE – Here are photos from the inauguration:
Arkki China
Arkki China
Arkki China

About Meisha Education

The prestigious Meisha Education group has a successful history of developing and offering education to children of various ages. Meisha has already established and developed a variety of educational institutions in mainland China including hundreds of community learning centers, kindergartens, primary and junior/high schools as well as international schools.
Meisha Outdoor is a future-oriented, a new education platform sponsored by Vanke. Meisha is dedicated to introducing the best education programs around the world to China for children aged 3-18. As of February 2018, there is Meisha outdoor Campus’ in Sanya, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and Jilin. programs including Water Sports, Outdoor activities, Creative & STEAM programs. Nearly 100,000 students have participated in Meisha outdoor courses, including winter camps, summer camps and weekend camps.