Arkki Croatia

Arkki's award-winning education solution from Finland arrives in Croatia this summer

June 14, 2021

Arkki International, a world reference in creative education via architecture and design with 27 years of experience and present in 9 countries, is starting operations in Croatia.

In June, Arkki will organize workshops on urban planning and in September the first Arkki school located in Sibenik and an additional classroom in Split will offer long-term program courses and workshops. Arkki aims to expand to other cities of the country in the future.

Enhancing essential skills for the future of work through architecture and design

Arkki provides a cross-disciplinary STEAM program of creative education through architecture and design.
The main objective of this collaboration is to bring the awarded Arkki programs from Finland to empower Croatian children with the most essential 21st century skills – like creativity, complex problem solving, and critical thinking.

“We are so excited to bring  Arkki – creative education ecosystem into Croatia. Architecture and design education cultivates alternative thinking and complex problem-solving capabilities which are instrumental for every discipline and occupation in the modern world.”

Mia Triva, CEO – Arkki in Šibenik and Split

“We are delighted to arrive in Croatia and together promote the education of creative skills and competencies through architecture & design education. In the future world of work, creative thinking skills will be necessary for all, not only for creative professionals. We look forward to providing Arkki´s cross-disciplinary STEAM program to Croatian children and youth, engaging them in creative processes, and supporting them becoming future innovators, no matter what their occupation will be.”

Pihla Meskanen, CEO – Arkki International

Arkki enables Croatian children to join the participation project #ArkkiNEB, which is part of the New European Bauhaus EU initiative, during the International Children’s Festival in Sibenik

This project has been implemented with 19 groups of 9 teachers for 250 children in Finland, the Czech Republic, and Grece. During summer, #ArkkiNEB will expand to Croatia, Turkey, and Spain. The initiative received support from the Ministry of education in Finland. The #ArkkiNEB workshops will be held in June and July 2021 in Šibenik. Starting in September, Arkki will offer its long-term programs at its Arkki first classroom in Poljana 3 22000 Sibenik and workshops in Split.
The International Children’s Festival of Sibenik has been held since 1958.  Arkki’s workshops will enable the children to participate in the design of our future cities. The workshops will take place at the Studio Galerije sv. Krševana / Matija Gallery on 24-25.6 (9:00-11:00 a.m.)
Arkki Croatia will offer long-term modules from September in its school at Poljana 3, 22000 Sibenik and Split.