Green Town

(for 7 – 12 years old)


July 3 - 5, 2023


9:00 am to 12:30 pm


The Cocoon Space @ Design Orchard
250 Orchard Road, Singapore 238905


7 - 12 years old
(Participants will be further grouped by age)

Course Fee:

S$305.00 nett for three (3) days
Price includes workshop materials.

Get #creative, expand your design and critical thinking skills, take thoughtful risks and have #fun! ✨
Calling all children – our future changemakers, leaders and innovative thinkers!

Come join us in an enriching 3-day architecture and design workshop where we’ll unleash our imagination to create future living ideas, innovate, design and build our best future town together – one that is beautiful, sustainable and inclusive.

In this Arkki Green Town Project, you’ll learn basic architecture principles and get hands-on experience to bring your ideas to life through scaled drawings and models.

The ideas, solutions and prototypes will surround the theme of sustainability, nature, integration and future innovations.

Witness knowledge in action! Our award winning creative programme infuses the application of STEAM subjects [Science, Technology, Engineering, Architecture/Art, Mathematics], Humanities and Social Sciences with situation-based projects and support the development of innovation skills and competencies. You will enjoy the experiential learning, problem-solving process, collaboration and working through the creative process of building and environment design.
  • Get creative,
  • Unlock your critical thinking skills,
  • Have fun and
  • Bring your models home!

The Arkki Programme

The award-winning Arkki programme is the only one in Singapore (and Asia) that offers an extensive, long-term curriculum based on architecture and design for children and youth ages 7-19. Our curriculum offers 30 modules for progressive learning, each carefully designed for the age group it caters for.
The hands-on, project-based curriculum is carefully designed to equip children and the youth with 21st century skills: creativity, complex problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and resilience.
Through ideating, planning and finally translating their ideas into 3D models and designs – the pupils will jumpstart their imagination and prove their assumptions by experimenting and testing their ideas, no matter how unusual they may sound.
The course is also designed for pupils to gain a stronger grasp of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) subjects through a series of super fun and educational projects that connect with real life challenges (e.g. from building the strongest tower, drawing inspiration from history and designing a temple façade, to designing a natural shelter for animals). It also intertwines different subjects through projects and teaches artistic methods through hands-on activities. This course enhances collaboration, communication and presentation skills of the pupil leading to the building of positive self-image and confidence.